Low Cost Air Transportation Membership

Don’t wait for an emergency to happen. 

Sign-up now for an air transportation membership and protect you and your family from the high costs of using a medical helicopter.  Currently it could cost you around $30,000 to be transported by air in an emergency.

Membership allows you to receive coverage when you travel across the United States, at specified locations, by signing up with either service.  Anyone can sign up locals, visitors anyone that would like to be covered here and in places that they may travel to.  The fee’s are annual for each helicopter service.

Membership Sign- up Information, please remember:

You must sign up under the Bear Valley Community Hospital group in order to get these prices.  Membership sign-ups are available now.  Anyone can sign up for Mercy Air and Reach Air, see details below.

It’s important that you and your family members are covered by both air transport agencies, in-case one agency is not available to transport you to a facility that can meet your emergency medical needs.  Fee’s are paid annually.

Please note both Reach Air and Mercy Air are not employed by Bear Valley Community Hospital.  These are independent agencies the hospital uses to transport patients off the mountain.

Mercy Air Membership 


You must sign up under the Bear Valley Community Hospital group in order to get these prices, read important note.


Mercy Air charges a flat fee of $39.00 for families with health insurance.

If you have Medicare part B and a Medicare supplement you qualify for a supporting membership at a cost of $10.00 with Mercy Air only.  Applicants with military insurance (active/in-active) qualify for a supporting membership.  Note: Federal guidelines say that with Medicare part B and a Medicare supplement you will be covered.  But, always check with your insurance on your coverage and co-pay to be absolutely sure.  (Note: If you do not have insurance the fee’s is $99 per person).

Important Note: If applying online, click on Groups of 10 or more – $39/year and under hospital, enter Bear Valley Community Hospital.  Use code BVCH to access the cheaper rate.

You can apply for Mercy Air (Omni Advantage) by calling 1-855-877-2518 or online at omniavdantagemember.com

Reach Air Membership 


You can apply for Reach Air Membership (AirMedCare)  by filling out the below application form.

Contact for questions: Gilbert Martin, Membership Sales Manager 909-660-1042

Make checks out to: AirMedCare Network

Mail check and below form to: PO Box 948 West Plains, MO 65775

Download application form:

2014 REACH Bear Valley Community HOSP_ApplicationForm

You can print, fill out and mail your application to AirMedCare Network.  Please be make sure you initial in 2 spots, date in 2 spots and sign the application form.


Reach Air charges three fee’s for their services: a single participant is $40.00, a couple is $45.00 and 3 or more in a household is $50.00.  Reach Air covers everyone in the household related or not, insured or not.

You must sign up under the Bear Valley Community Hospital group in order to get these prices.

Important Note: To recieve the lower prices use Plan Code 7257 and Track Code 12958.

Big Bear Fire Department Membership 

BigBearCityMA291Ground Ambulance Service

Contact: Eileen Berne
Big Bear Fire Department
EMS/Fire Financial Coordinator
(909) 584-4011 fax: (909) 585-0025