Misfortune Made “BEAR”able By Local Professionals


Steve & Kathy Johnson

We would like to express our sincere thanks to some of the most awesome people ever… On a recent skiing trip to Snow Summit we found ourselves contemplating a major dilemma after my wife experienced a fall on the slopes resulting in an Intertrochanteric Fracture, which is a fracture of the upper Femur, just below the Acetabulum (hip socket). In lay terms she broke her hip.

I would like to extend appreciation earned by the Snow Summit Ski Patrol and First Aid responders who got us off the mountain. I have a medical background as well as law enforcement experience and have witnessed very good and very poor technique used by emergency personnel. I was very impressed with the level of competency provided by this team.

The entire team operated with efficiency and confidence. I would like to pointedly give appreciation to Terry who very methodically directed this team and to Lisa who preformed triage sufficient to ascertain extent of injury.

Every precaution was in place to immobilize my wife to safeguard from further injury during the transport down. A job well done by people who know what they are doing!

Our experience at Bear Valley Hospital was second to none. Never judge the ability of a service provider by its size. Bear valley is staffed with the most wonderful people in the world! From the moment of our arrival until dismissal, we were treated with respect and professionalism at every level.

The ER team was intentionally effective. They were spot on in a very chaotic standing room only environment. Yet they found a way to divide their attention among all patients while making you feel as if you were their only concern. Not an easy task to accomplish.

Michael, you are the man! Laura, we just wanted to take you home with us!

The support teams were also a delight. While responding to their portion of patient care they were cheerful and spirited. Often those in the trenches are over looked but it is the information they provide that decisions are based on. Thanks so much to each of you that were so patient and kind to us.

How can we thank enough the RN’s on the floor that helped us in the transition beginning the road to recovery? Thank you Scott, Heather, Rena and Penny. Thanks to Sally from the Lab. Really love you girl! Thanks to Sherri and Kandis from Respiratory, Jerry from X-ray, Debra from PT, Mark our Case Manager and to Gabriel from Housekeeping. I should also mention the cafeteria could and should be added to the list of dinning establishments indigenous to the area.

Dr. Knapik, I am not sure there are words to express our sentiment for you. Outside your wisdom as a physician, the ora you project is profound. A true leader and I am certain a treasure to the community. You touched our lives in ways I am certain you are not aware. Your genuine approach, your love for life, the wholesome morality expressed in the stories you tell will make me strive to be a better person. These are not traits that are taught or learned, but rather an innate collectiveness of intentional choices to be decent and honorable. Your humble quite speech and mannerism speak volumes of your true class and character. You are a hard act to follow!

And then the surgical team, OMG! Bear Valley Hospital, Big Bear Community and all who travel here are fortunate to have such skillful people available to render emergency services that are cutting edge and industry leading. I applaud the Administration of Bear Valley Hospital for having the vision to attract a surgeon that brings to the table such astute significant ability as that of Dr.Liu. I must admit upon learning the extent of my wife’s injury my mind was spinning to consider transporting her to a larger facility for evaluation and treatment. However after conversation with Dr.Liu and Dean the Anesthesiologist I knew we were where we needed to be. Both of these individuals are so dynamic. I have never known anyone who possesses any stronger ethics or pure ability.

Thanks Dean for everything. Dr. Liu we will be seeing you for follow-up. Then Heather.  Heather was our Pre-Op, Post-op, OR nurse and then doubled out onto the floor as a Charge Nurse. What talent! Thanks for being there.

Bear Valley Community Hospital is certainly a capable full service medical provider, but there is a deeper initiative that is apparent. They are also truly a human care provider.

Their attention to patient and family comfort are over the top. None better… Anywhere!

My sons ride motocross professionally, and there is a calculated amount of injury sustained correlated to the sport. We have frequented ER,s and Trauma centers from Texas to California and have never experienced better emergency care anywhere.

I know it is easy to take things we have (even great things) for granted. I urge the residents of Big Bear and San Bernardino County to support Bear Valley Community Hospital. Bear Valley is a unique and top rate facility in a remote location that is important to so many. In this ever-changing health care system that we are experiencing, it is our responsibility to evaluate necessary facilities and preserve their integrity if they are to survive.

I would lastly like to thank the citizens of the community for affording a health care provider that is so detrimental to those who need it.

Of course the beauty of the area would cause anyone to want to reside in Big Bear, but having experienced the people who make up the community makes me want to be a resident of your city even more.

Sincerely,   Steve & Kathy Johnson