Skilled Nursing Facility

The Skilled Nursing Facility located here at Bear Valley Community Hospital, has 21 beds that are designated for long term care or short term rehabilitation. By the very nature of our size we are able to offer personalized service for each of our residents. We have a caring, friendly, loving, skilled and dedicated staff. Our residents are cared for by various specialized staff members who are all highly professional.

Each person who resides here in our facility is thought of as a person not just a patient. They are able to make their area feel like home by adding pictures and other personal items to ensure individual comfort.

Happy_OlderCoupleWe have a newly remodeled activity room to serve our residents, which was funded by the BVCHD Hospital Foundation and BVCH Hospital Auxiliary. Our Activity Department provides many activities depending on each persons ability and skill level. We provide classes such as baking, making homemade ice cream, reading and other fun activities. Animals and children are the best kind of therapy and make it as homelike as possible, therefore our activity room has a bunny rabbit and a bird.

Residents have Council Meetings to discuss problems, concerns or ideas on a monthly basis. Residents and their family members are encouraged to assist with the direction of their individual care.

Menus are provided daily and each person is able to choose what they want to eat with the exception of doctor ordered dietary restrictions.

We arrange many community outings when weather permits such at movies, shopping, Oktoberfest, Performing Arts Community theater and more. Various community organizations come and entertain the residents on a semi-regular basis. Special celebrations occur on each persons birthday and parties are arranged for the holidays.

Our facility ranks above average on the Medical National Survey and we are very proud of our facility.

We urge anyone who has questions or an interest for themselves, a family member or a friend to drop by for a visit and we will gladly provide you with a tour and introduce you to our facility and caring staff.